Warranty service

The company GVF-Bud produces only high-quality products from the best materials. We are confident in the reliability and durability of our window designs, as the profile systems, double-glazed windows and accessories that we use in production are the best materials from the leaders on the world market.

Careful control at every stage of the production of windows allows us to be confident in the reliability and quality of our own products. We employ only highly qualified specialists who know their work and do it professionally.

Thanks to our confidence in the quality and durability of windows from the company GVF-Bud, we provide each customer with a warranty period of operation of windows and doors - 3 years and for double-glazed windows - 5 years from the moment of putting the product into operation.

If during operation during the warranty period, manufacturing defects of products were identified, the manufacturer must eliminate them by repairing the defects found on site or replacing the defective parts and mechanisms.


Service maintenance

Of course, the service life of window and door structures is not limited to the warranty period and, with proper maintenance, they will serve you for many decades, remaining in perfect working and visual condition. For such a result, metal-plastic windows and doors need periodic maintenance, which includes the replacement of the sealant, the lubrication of fittings, the restoration of the correct geometry of the structures.

Our experts will be able to answer all your questions by phone. If necessary, company employees will come to you and perform maintenance work on window and door structures, so that you can enjoy their perfect work for many more years.

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