At first glance, the seemingly insignificant, the ebb and the visors, in fact, play an important role in the operation and appearance of your windows. First of all, they protect the windows from moisture from the outside, and make the design of the window outside completed.

Our company offers our customers the finishes and visors of the Finnish manufacturer Rannila. These certified and high-quality products are made from hot-dip galvanized steel with 8 layers of anti-corrosion coating. The thickness of the steel is 0.5 mm.

The manufacturer offers customers a wide selection of colors for ebbs and canopies, so you can precisely choose the option that is ideally suited specifically for your windows. You can also choose to cover the product matte or glossy; special plastic is used for coating, which withstands very low and very high temperatures. That is why the ebbs and visors of Rannila boast a long service life and reliability.

Warranty from the manufacturer for coating ranges from 10 to 20 years, and through corrosion - 50 years.