Сolored windows

Colored or laminated windows as they also called, are modern solutions for many design ideas. If the white profiles do not fit into the overall interior of your home or office, or perhaps there are requirements for the facade look of the building - laminated windows will be the best way out for you.

Recently, it is colored windows that win an increasing number of fans among our customers, as they are beautiful and affordable. They are much cheaper than wooden frames, moreover, they do not require such thorough and expensive care, but at the same time they look not worse than wooden ones.

If you are thinking about choosing laminated windows, you need to know that they have several types:


- sided lamination - profile lamination occurs only on one side of the window. For example, if you need a colored window only from the inside, since it requires interior design of the room, or on the contrary, you need to preserve a certain appearance of the facade - you can order sided lamination of windows;

- double lamination - as already evident, in this version lamination is carried out on both sides of the window. This option is often chosen for the integrity of the appearance of the frame and wood imitation. There may be double-sided lamination “in bulk” and “not in bulk” - when the ends are white;

- “in bulk” lamination - this is also double lamination, but the whole profile is laminated, along with the end sides. Of course, this option looks the most complete, but its cost will be the highest.

Palette REHAU "Grayscale"


The palette of REHAU "Shades of wood"


Since the process of windows` lamination is not simple and time consuming, such PVC products will cost more than usual white ones. If you have only sided lamination, the price will be slightly higher when it is double laminating and" in bulk "- of course it can be twice as expensive as the usual white profile. It will also take more time to produce these types of windows, but the result will exceed your expectations, moreover, this solution will be much more accessible and more practical than wooden windows.

Caring for laminated windows is very simple and undemanding, to clean them you simply wipe off the dust with a damp cloth, and they will delight you again with their shine.

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