Pleasant heat, low heating costs

New SYNEGO windows are the perfect way to save money! SYNEGO offers you up to 50% increase in thermal insulation compared to conventional windows. With SYNEGO you can significantly reduce the cost of heating and increase the cost of your accommodation - today, tomorrow and in future. Old windows - the source of the greatest heat loss in accommodation. They are poorly isolated and usually outdated. As a result, the windows completely lose their warmth. Thanks to the excellent thermal insulation properties of the SYNEGO system you will be able to reduce energy costs, and the heating bills will not scare you anymore!


Save on power consumption, not on windows!

Double glazing insulation (Rg)

SYNEGO AD (2 seals)SYNEGO MD (3 seals)

1.25 m²K / W

1.06 m²K / W1.08 m²K / W

1.42 m² / W

1.14 m² / W1.16 m²K / W

1.66 m K / W

1.23 m²K / W1,26 m²K / W

2.00 mK / W

1.35 m 2 K / W1.38 m²K / W

2.50 m²K / W

1.49 m²K / W1.51 m² / W


"Turn off" noise and feel comfortable!

Loud transport, neighboring mower - noise surrounds us everywhere. Recent studies have shown that regular discomfort through transport noise can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Windows from the profile system REHAU SYNEGO "turn off" the noise. Turn your home into an oasis of tranquility and cosiness and feel comfortable! Forget about the stress caused by external noise.

More cleanliness due to the innovative surface of the profile

Thanks to High Definition Finishing (HDF), your windows will shine every day as if new. The innovative formula protects the surface of the profile and provides a unique gloss. The windows of the profile system REHAU SYNEGO not only remain clean for longer, they require much less care.  The secret of the HDF formula lies in a special formulation and advanced production method that has been developed by experienced REHAU engineers as a result of intensive research. The surface of the SYNEGO profile is noticeably smoother and has an unsurpassed gloss finish.  SYNEGO


Diversity of shapes and colors

The first impression is most important, even when it comes to windows. That's why we suggest choosing windows exclusively for your taste. The window does not have to be rectangular. Large, small, rectangular or rounded - with the REHAU SYNEGO profile system, numerous architectural possibilities are opened in front of you, and prompts, elements of style or creative components will help you to place accents. REHAU SYNEGO - the perfect choice for both new buildings and for reconstruction and repair. Among more than 220 colors, choose your favorite. For the exterior and interior trim of the window you can choose different colors: for example, external anthracite and interior classic white. Glowing linen, warm wood texture or stylish metallic - regardless of the color you choose, your window will look like new, even after many years of operation, as the REHAU SYNEGO profile is resistant to burning and atmospheric exposure.

Technical characteristics of the system

Constructive depth

80 mm

Number of cameras

frame 7 cameras, door 6 chambers

Maximum thickness of the double-glazed window

up to 51mm

Heat transfer coefficient *

with SYNEGO AD enclosure: Uf = 1.0 W / m²K with medium seal (SYNEGO MD): Uf = 0.94 W / m²K

Heat transfer coefficient **

with SYNEGO AD enclosure: Rf = 1.0 m²K / W with medium seal (SYNEGO MD): Rf = 1.06 m²K / W


up to Rw, P = 46 dB

Malicious security

up to class RC3

Air permeability

Class 4 according to EN 12207

Water resistance

up to class 9A according to EN 12208

Sealing the vestibule


Number of contours

2 (AD) / 3 (MD)


Certificate of Conformity on the profile system REHAU Synego (Wittmund)


Certificate of conformity to the profile system REHAU Synego (Shreem)