Large glass areas and modern design require ultra-light and at the same time durable materials. Borrow high technology aircraft for your home! RAU-FIPRO is a high-tech fiber-reinforced composite material consisting of two different components: the base material of the surface and the reinforcing fiber material. The interaction of these two products greatly improves the overall properties of the new material. The carefully thought-out frame design of high-tech, durable RAU-FIPRO material makes the REHAU GENEO window lightweight and reliable at the same time, so you can almost always do without steel reinforcement. Opening and closing the window becomes easy as a playgame. The high-quality smooth surface of the REHAU GENEO profile is weatherproof, and this greatly simplifies window maintenance.


System Specifications

Constructive depth

up to 86 mm

Number of cameras

6 cameras

The maximum thickness of the glass

up to 53 mm

Heat transfer coefficient *

Uf = 0,86 Вт/м²K

Heat transfer resistance coefficient **

Rf = 1,16 м²K/Вт


without steel reinforcement in Rw, P = 47 dB;
with glass Rw, P = 50 dB

Intruder safety

up to class RC3;
to class RC2 without steel reinforcement

Air permeability

class 4 according to EN 12207

Water resistant

to class 9A according to EN 12208


3 contour seals from RAU-PREN material


Free choice of colors, shapes and sizes - endless possibilities for architects

Do you belong to those people who are not just content with the functionality of things, but even require it? Who is looking for not only quality and excellent design, but also an individual style that will emphasize your personality? Then you will understand what makes windows from the REHAU GENEO profile system so attractive for architects and builders, because REHAU GENEO does not limit creativity. The REHAU GENEO profile system is so flexible that it makes it easy to realize the most complex ideas without limitations in functionality: from the largest possible glazing areas to windows of any shape - angular, round or irregular in shape, with bevels of 20 ° and 5 mm outside radius for an elegant view. REHAU GENEO opens up wide opportunities for your creative: from more than 40 decors and 220 colors you can choose your favorite one, or you can decorate windows with aluminum overlays.

Save up to 76% energy *

Due to the extremely durable fibrous composite material, in 90% of all cases, you can do without metal reinforcement in the REHAU GENEO frame. This eliminates the formation of cold bridges, and in combination with a two-chamber energy-saving double-glazed window, you will get approximate figures for thermal insulation Rw to 1.67 m²K / W. To make the window conform to the standards of low-energy homes, heat-inlets are applied in the profile. That is why the profile of REHAU GENEO is officially certified by the Institute for Research of Energy Efficient Buildings in Darmstadt (Germany) for use in passive house class homes. Such systems are displayed in a separate group REHAU GENEO PHZ.


Certificate of Compliance for the profile system REHAU Geneo