REHAU Euro-Design 60

What do you expect from new windows? They should help you save energy and money, as well as give more heat and light? All of these requirements are fulfilled by windows of the profile system REHAU Euro-Design 60.
The REHAU Euro-Design 60 profile has a three-chamber structure with a mounting depth of 60 mm. According to the requirements for thermal insulation of residential premises, such a system is recommended for use in the II temperature zone of Ukraine (South of the country and Transcarpathia).

The system with an installation depth of 60 mm is a cost-effective choice for use in various construction projects, since it provides the best value for money.



• Windows with a three-chamber profile system are used for glazing

balcony blocks, balconies and loggias.

• Optimal for glazing inter-floor marches of multi-apartment houses.

• Ideal for houses with a central heating system in which

there are no exclusive requirements for heat and sound insulation.


From May 2018, the REHAU Euro-Design 60 profile system integrated the REHAU Ecosol-Design 60 system, which will now be shipped with REHAU's standard protective film.

Specifications of the profile system REHAU Euro-Design 60


60 mm

Number of cameras


Maximum thickness of the double-glazed window

up to 33 mm

Height of the profile package (frame + sash)

117 mm

Heat transfer coefficient *

Uf = 1.6W / m²K

Heat transfer coefficient **

Rf = 0.65 m²K / W

Sound insulation

Rw, P = 41 dB

Malicious security

up to class RC2 (ENV 1627)

Air permeability

Class 4 according to EN 12207

Water resistance

up to class 9A according to EN 12208

Sealing the vestibule

EPDM / 2 contours

Profile color

white, colored, "wood-like"


Cannitary-epidemiological conclusion REHAU Euro-Design (Germany)


Certificate of conformity to the profile system REHAU Euro-Design 60 (Wittmund)


Certificate of conformity to the profile system REHAU Euro-Design 60 (Wittmund)