New class of compact fittings

New class of compact hardware

proPilot is a new compact hardware system on the market Winkhaus. Thanks to innovative solutions a small number of elements ensures reliable functioning and comfortable use of the window. High quality fittings are confirmed by certificates of compliance with European standards.

It is thought over to trifles

proPilot is tilt and turn fittings for rectangular windows made of PVC or aluminum. The new Winkhaus system in the standard has the ability to adjustment in 3 planes, made using materials that provide a smooth course of accessories. proPilot ensures proper operation of the window throughout the whole period of its operation.

Benefits for the window manufacturer

The entire hardware system Winkhaus proPilot has a little more than 80 elements and is intended for rectangular windows: tilt-swivel, swivel and windows with shtulp. Due to its compactness, proPilot greatly simplifies warehouse logistics and production processes.



+ high quality and exceptional  hardware reliability
+ product quality confirmed  compliance tests  EN 13126-8 and EN 1191, and  QM 328 Institute ift Rosenheim



+ smooth running locking elements
+ standard - lift  sash when closing


Additional functions

+ microventilation provides  optimum ventilation mode
+ blockade turning the handle when open  sash position
+ convenience of using the balcony door  thanks to the balcony latch
+ sash rotation stop

New in the proPilot system

+ metal deadbolt cassette
+ angular gear with mushroom axle
+ decorative overlays for loops 4-x colors
+ FH springboard with floating support


Modular system

+ small amount of items  reduces hardware installation time
+ symmetrical hole pattern for upper and lower frame loop
+ universal tilt hook - for right and left windows as well as for Shtulp Windows


Additional elements

+ microventilation
+ blockade turning the handle
+ balcony handle


Easy installation

+ the ability to adjust the sash and frame loop
+ two variants of the deadbolt mechanism
+ side flap adjustment on  the bracket (+3.5 mm / -2 mm)



High-quality and durable fitting system proPilot is made of European steel in industrial complexes Winkhaus in Germany. Thanks to innovative solutions of designers, a small amount of it elements fully ensures reliable functioning and comfortable use by the window. High quality of the system is confirmed by certificates of compliance with European norms.


Instructions for the care of accessories

To ensure the durability of fittings, Appropriate care and lubrication:
• it should be protected from contamination during repair work;
• when washing windows it is unacceptable to use detergents means that violate the corrosion-resistant coating of accessories;
• at least once a year, all items marked with, should be lubricated with oil to lubricate fittings. Locking, marked with "X" have only large windows