Ukrainian manufacturer of window sills that meet European standards and standards. OPEN TECK products are high quality and affordable prices. Available sizes: from 100 to 700 mm with a step of 50 mm



For more than 7 years, OPEN TECK has been the largest manufacturer in Ukraine of PVC window sills with a width of 100 mm to 700 mm in 50 mm increments, as well as with plastic castings and accessories to it. Competitive advantages and affordable prices are the main tenets of OPEN TECK.

Being a Ukrainian product, OPEN TECK ™ window sills comply with European standards and quality standards. The stiffness of the ribs and the surface of the sill provide wear resistance and resistance to mechanical stress, weights. High quality laminating films have increased strength and do not fade even when exposed to direct sunlight. Modern, environmentally friendly, wear-resistant lamination films have a pleasant appearance: imitation of marble, wood structure with a textured surface. Simplicity in operation, ease of maintenance, do not require staining, puttying, gluing and restoration - all these qualities led to their widespread use in various types of premises.

Standart sizes of OPEN TECK™ window sills:


Color spectrum:


Key benefits of OPEN TECK™ window sills

1) High resistance to wear and mechanical damage

2) High temperature resistant

3) Moisture resistance

4) Thermal insulation properties

5) UV Resistance

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6) Presentable appearance

7) Ease of operation and care

8) Wide color range

9) Durability

Significant production advantages of OPEN TECK™ window sills:

- The use of high-quality lamination films of the best German and Polish manufacturers provides not only the proper appearance of the sill, but also reliable protective properties, as well as its durability, resistance to damage.

- When laminating the surface, high-quality glue (made in Finland) is used, which guarantees a strong and durable fixation of the film.

- The optimum ratio of high quality with an affordable price makes OPEN TECK window sills a leader in its product segment. Even with decreasing trends in the OPEN TECK market, the quality remains consistently high, which is why it is in high demand not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe and Russia