Measurement and manufacturing

One of the most important stages of work on the installation of plastic windows are metering and manufacturing. The subsequent manufacturing process and the quality of the window installation, and as a result, its durability and efficiency in energy saving, depend on proper professional measurement.

There are no standard cases for us, an individual metering is necessary for each client, as there are always specific features of the project. Also, therefore, professionalism and expertise of a measurer is of great importance. 

With a measurement specialist, you can determine: 

- which window model you want to install;

- what additional accessories are necessary for you: window sills, mosquito nets, tides and another;

- whether your windows will be additionally decorated: the profile is painted or laminated, the presence of a decorative layout, and more;

- what design of windows is preferable or necessary: the number of flaps, their opening and more.

Finding out all the necessary details when measuring, you will really get the windows you dreamed of.

Approximate production time will be 3-4 weeks.