REHAU Euro-Design 70 Advantages

The profile system REHAU Euro-Design 70 fully meets the requirements of the State Program for compensating measures for the modernization of the housing stock, which require the use of glazing of residential premises in most of the territory of Ukraine, namely profile systems with a 5-chamber structure and an installation depth of 70 mm.  The windows of the profile system Euro-Design 70 will provide the optimal level of thermal insulation of your home and help reduce the heat loss in the room, and thus save on heating and air conditioning. In addition, they satisfy the highest design requirements and complete the interior of your home. The variety of shapes and colors of the shutter, combined with the improved design, offer great opportunities for this.


Specifications of the profile system REHAU Euro-Design 70


70 mm

Number of cameras


Maximum thickness of the double-glazed window

up to 41 mm

Height of the profile package (frame + sash)

standard = 116 mm, narrowed = 110 mm

Heat transfer coefficient *

Uf = 1.3W / m²K

Heat transfer coefficient **

Rf = 0.8 mK / W

Sound insulation

up to Rw, P = 43 dB

Malicious security

up to class RC2 (ENV 1627)

Air permeability

Class 4 according to EN 12207

Water resistance

up to class 9A according to EN 12208

Sealing the vestibule


Number of contours

2 contours of compaction of the porch


Wide architectural possibilities

Thanks to a wide selection of additional profiles, the REHAU Euro-Design 70 system allows you to implement a variety of architectural solutions, the main features of which remain the quality and cost-effectiveness. With the integration of Ecosol-Design 70 into the Euro-Design system, you can now choose a standard height (60 mm) or a lowered (54 mm) sash, which will ensure better insolation of the room.  The REHAU color system offers additional possibilities: with over 40 decor options and 220 colors, you can choose your favorite or decorate the windows with aluminum lining.


Certificate of conformity to the profile system REHAU Euro-Design 70 (Wittmund)


Certificate of conformity to the profile system REHAU Euro-Design 70 (Shreem)