duoPort SK

Timeless design


Versatile, but not boring. Windows is an investment for several years. The designers of the Winkhaus company are well aware of this, so its products are characterized not only by high quality and durability, but also by attractive design that is ahead of its time. duoPort SK is used both in wooden windows and in PVC windows. Fittings differ in design element aesthetics and universal colors of decorative overlays. Fittings can be used for a wide range of profile systems, as well as for heavy terrace doors.

Even the massive elements of the heaviest fittings look elegant. The modern shape of the flat decorative plates and caps, matched to the color of the handle, makes the interior of the window attractive. The duoPort SK accessories concept harmoniously combines a profile, decorative plates and handles into a single whole. The design which is thought over to trifles, qualifies to apply this solution in non-traditional architecture, for example, in large glazed openings from floor to ceiling.

In search of light and space

Extensive glazed areas are a characteristic feature of modern architecture. The abundance of light inside the interior is not only a beautiful overview. Light effect leads to the fact that the room "breathes". However, the windows opening traditional way inward, require a lot of space. The perfect solution is tilting windows, combining beauty and comfort, without limitation living spaces.

Fittings can also be installed in narrow profile systems, representing the possibility of maximum room lighting. Easier opening and locking The duoPort SK fittings are available in two technical versions: SK-S and SK-Z. The SK-Z version has an additional handle control function that facilitates tilting, moving and locking even very heavy flaps.


The highest level of comfort

Innovation of technical solutions Regardless of the duoPort SK hardware option, we use the latest technology, which is reflected in the functionality and comfort of window maintenance. Parameters such as the exit of the sash from the frame and the size of the installation size on the frame enable the duoPort SK to be installed in profile systems, both standard and multi-chamber, designed for energy efficient designs. The load-carrying capacity of the fittings also makes it possible to use heavy glazing with insulating, soundproof or anti-burglary properties. Due to the increased diameter of the rollers, even very heavy structures move without the use of force, smoothly and naturally. Combined with the mechanism of the brush ensures a smooth course of accessories, even after years of use. The covers protect the trolleys from contamination and damage,

and their modern design combines the fittings and the window into one. The locking system with adjustable clamping of the sash to the frame allows you to get optimal window tightness. DuoPort hardware meets the requirements imposed on systems for high levels of thermal insulation. More amenities duoPort with the SK-Z option further enhances the comfort of using the system. A special ergonomic handle with a mechanism compatible with the bracket allows, without the use of force, to open and lock also large and heavy balcony doors. So-called system snapping, interacting with the handle, smoothly moves the sash from the position of movement to the position of inclination. The built-in auto tilt feature facilitates tilting and locking, especially large windows.


Security for everyone

Practical modules Panoramic windows with access to the terrace are statistically most susceptible to hacking. Consequently, it is necessary to equip them with more stable fittings of the corresponding class. Thanks to the modular system, the duoPort SK safety standard can be easily adapted to individual user requirements. The basic version of the furniture is equipped with solid locking mushroom-shaped pins that meet the requirements of windows with increased resistance to burglary. Using the appropriate number of steel anti-burglar hooks installed in the window frame, we obtain an increased level of protection class 1 or 2 (according to standard EN 1627-1630).

The resistance of the duoPort SK hardware against burglary is confirmed by tests carried out at the Institute of Window Technology (ift) in Rosenheim. The duoPort SK fittings include a blockade of the handle rotation, which ensures the correct use of the window. In addition, the safety and reliability of operation is guaranteed by an innovative articulated mechanism. Thanks to his new design, greater stability of fittings in the open position has been obtained. Additional protection (duoPort SK-Z option) is a blockade of locking the sash, preventing uncontrolled slamming of the door during our stay on the terrace.


More light. More space

Tilt-sliding portal systems for secure panoramic solutions


Gantry sliding systems Winkhaus duoPort SK is a modern exterior, panoramic view, plenty of natural light and a stylish interior.

Safety above all The basic version of the duoPort SK system equipped with robust locking mushroom-shaped trunnions meets European requirements for burglary resistance of translucent designs. And the Winkhaus modular multi-stage security concept allows duoPort SK portal systems to be equipped with the European burglar resistance class RC2.

Powerful technology for heavy valves. Sturdy guides and movable rollers with an increased diameter (28 mm) allow you to move heavy and large sash up to 200 kg. The cleaning brushes integrated into the system ensure a smooth sash operation even after many years of use.

Easy to open and close. The duoPort SK portal system allows you to easily and naturally move and tilt wooden, PVC or aluminum doors with a maximum weight of up to 200 kg. The system is available in two technical versions:

duoPort SK 100/160 S
For valves weighing up to 100 and up to 160 kg, depending on the modification. duoPort SK S can be installed in narrow profile systems that give more natural light.

duoPort SK 160/200 Z
Special development for large and heavy valves - from 160 to 200 kg with forced control function. This technical feature allows you only to turn the handle, without additional effort, to transfer the sash from the rejected position to the closed position and ensures a smooth opening of the sash.


Out of the frame from the frame - 125 mm.

Due to this, duoPort SK can be installed on wide profile systems that meet the requirements for translucent structures with high thermal insulation properties.


Forced sash control function off handles

and the locking system increases the comfort of using portal systems of large sizes.

Space. Security. Comfort

duoPort PAS


Pushing Space: Winkhaus duoPort PAS

The transparent walls of Winkhaus duoPort PAS allow you to transform the space Your house. Thanks to their moving system, in one motion you remove the boundaries between the living room and the garden, the balcony and the terrace and at the same time feel cosiness and comfort of your own home.


Sliding designs with the innovative duoPort PAS system take on a new dimension of functionality. Along with the opening (offset) and closing modes, the duoPort PAS portal systems have the function of parallel ventilation.

Winkhaus duoPort PAS is the only portal solution that guarantees increased protection against burglary (in accordance with the RC2 burglary class according to European standards), both in the closed state and in the parallel ventilation mode!

Tilt function changed to parallel ventilation function for natural ventilation;


The presence of the octahedral mushroom pin and steel hook provide a safety class RC1 even as standard;

Winkhaus modular multi-stage security concept allows you to equip sliding systems duoPort PAS security class RC2