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  Since 1997, the company GVF-BUD has been specializing in the production of metal-plastic windows and doors, and is one of the leaders in the industry. Our company has the status of an authorized partner of REHAU. This certificate company “GVF-BUD” received as a result of regular audit by the technical department of REHAU, which is carried out according to the following criteria:

  • Use only REHAU components, such as seals and mechanical connectors.
  • Long-term functional safety due to compliance with the requirements of production and processing.
  • Ensuring the parameters of production processes by conducting tests on the strength of the welding angle, welding temperature. Tests are carried out on proven stands.
  • Verification of qualified installation in order to prevent construction losses.  

Our advantages, allowing to produce high-quality and comfortable windows with maximum heat and noise insulation, are:

  • The service life of window elements made of Rehau PVC profiles is 40 years. High-quality processing of the profile during production, as well as its chemical composition, not only protects the surface of the product from damage caused by temperature changes and solar exposure, but also prevents the formation of microcracks, which cause the plastic to change color from white and shiny to dull yellow. Also, the profile is resistant to aggressive media (alkalis, acids, lime, etc.)
  • The multi-chamber structure of the German profile REHAU makes it possible to maximize the use of the insulating properties of air, which saves money on heating and air conditioning at home.
  • Stiffness design. Plastic profile windows REHAU with a chamber width of 35 mm makes it possible to install the reinforcement of the optimal cross-section with high static properties. The wall thickness of the reinforcing profile is 1.5-2.5 mm, and its shape complies with REHAU technical standards. The drainage system of the box and the sash profiles have an inclined fold and a concealed valve to ensure the forced outflow of water.
  • Several seal contours protect the plastic window from blowing and freezing. The original class 4 sealant based on EPDM rubber, the best among the vulcanized materials produced by Semperit, is used and is supplied to Ukraine by REHAU. Class 4 seals are best suited for climatic conditions with mild and cold winters for temperatures from –30 ° C to +100 ° C. When using a different, poor-quality seal, after a year or two of operation, it badly affects the operation of the entire window: the seal becomes less elastic, it cracks, and accordingly, it needs to be replaced after 2–3 years.
  • Rehau windows are hygienic, environmentally friendly and safe for both human health and the environment, and do not cause an allergic reaction. Rehau windows are approved for use in children’s and medical institutions, which is confirmed by hygienic certificates.
  • Windows Rehau fireproof, because PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a flame-retardant material and has the unique property of self-extinguishing fire, as a result of which the plastic structures do not sustain combustion. Fire resistance of windows from REHAU profiles is confirmed by tests.
  • Reliable protection against hacking. All details of the construction of Rehau profiles fit snugly to the sash, which undoubtedly prevents hacking. Also, Rehau windows have a system to protect the glass from being pushed out.
  • Additional protection against blowing. Fittings Winkhaus allows you to get a window with additional protection from blowing. The technical solution of the activPilot system contains an additional clamping point in the area of ​​the upper loop in any tilt-and-turn window.
  • The use of glass packs by the Swiss company Glas Trősch confirms the high quality of the production of packages that are an innovative, environmentally friendly product.


The use of glass with high-tech coating significantly increases the thermal insulation of the window. For example, energy-saving windows provide the following indicators:

  • 4-10Ar-4-10Ar-4E – UV radiation transmission – 25%, heat transfer resistance -0.7 m2K / W
  • 4-10Ar-4-10Ar-4Zero – transmission of UV radiation – 18%, heat transfer resistance -0.89 m2K / W

Multifunctional glass units combine heat-insulating and sun-protection characteristics and provide the following indicators:

  • 4Select-10Ар-4-10Ар-4E – transmission of UV radiation – 8%, heat transfer resistance -0.99 m2K / W.
  • 4Combi-10Ар-4-10Ар-4E – transmission of UV radiation – 2%, heat transfer resistance -1.36 m2K / W.

Over the years our company has participated in the construction of many objects. Over the past 5 years we have helped implement the following projects:

  1. Construction company “bUd development”:
  •  “French Quarter”;
  •  “Slavutich”;
  •  “Zarechny”;
  1. Construction company “NOVBUD”:
  •  “Petrovsky Quarter”;
  1. Construction company “NEST”:
  •  “Pokrovsky Posad”;
  •  “Emerald”;
  1. Construction company “Poznyaki Zhilbud”:
  •  “Jack House”;
  •  “Royal Tower”;
  •  “Revutsky”;
  1. Construction company SG (Stolitsa Group):
  • “Rest”;
  • residential quarter on the street Bogatyrskaya “;
  • “Warsaw neighborhood “;
  •  “Galaxy”;
  • “Lipinka”;
  •  “Seven”;
  1. Construction company «KDD ENGINEERING»:
  • “San Francisko”;
  •  “Rybalsky”;
  •  ” Standard One”;
  1. Construction company “I.V. Trade “:
  •  residential quarter “Solomenskaya, 20a”;
  1.  “Kievgorstroy”:
  • “Reunion”;
  • “Novopecherskaya tower”;
  1. Construction company “Intergal bud”:
  • “Demeevka”;
  • “Lukyanovsky”;
  • Business center “Desyatinny lane”.

We draw your attention to the fact that our windows are inspected at each of the stages of production, which allows us to exclude even the smallest marriage. By purchasing windows from the company “GVF-Bud”, you can be sure that you receive high-quality goods that meet the highest consumer, technical and operational requirements!


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