Custom windows

In a huge variety of ideas for interior design, often there is no place for the usual customary solutions. Windows is not an exception. Who will be surprised today with a standard rectangular window? Often, such solutions do not fit into the original design of your home or office. That is why we are ready to bring all your creative original ideas to life and produce custom plastic windows.

The most common non-standard windows are arched and panoramic (French) windows. Although both of these species are so much loved by many customers, that it is hard to call them non-standard.


 Such types of windows differ not only in the original appearance, but can also become the best sources of daylight in rooms, especially panoramic windows. In apartments and houses with French windows there is much more daylight than in rooms with ordinary ones.

With arched and panoramic windows our capabilities and the imagination of designers are not limited. We offer our customers to realize their creative ideas and make the interior unique.