Winkhaus activPilot

Modular system for metal windows


Many windows. Many forms. Unified window system

The unique Winkhaus system provides a double advantage: firstly, it simplifies and speeds up production, since fewer components need to be assembled. Secondly, thanks to the multi-stage modular concept, after installing the system, you can modify and equip it with additional functions.


Personal protection

The modular activPilot system allows you to equip the window in accordance with the individual requirements for the resistance class RC3

Certified quality

The modular activPilot system allows you to equip the window in accordance with the individual requirements for the resistance class RC3


Flexible upgrade

The modular activPilot system allows you to equip the window in accordance with the individual requirements for the resistance class RC3

Simple regulation

activPilot offers many options for easy setup. In addition to simply adjusting the sash vertically and horizontally, the anti-burglar octagonal mushroom trunnion is easily adjustable for a perfect hold for several seconds.

The modular activPilot system is also an ideal solution for non-standard window shapes: arched, trapezoidal, triangular, etc.


activPilot Concept

Modern standard tilt and turn window

Product properties

The modular concept of the activPilot Concept system provides flexible and economical production of windows and at the same time meets the high expectations of consumers in terms of features, reliability and safety. The nomenclature of the system is reduced due to the versatility of each element, it allows to optimize production and implement individual customer solutions by replacing individual components at any time.


+ Window stools up to 3 m2 and weighing up to 130kg *;

+ In activPilot Giant modification - up to 180 kg *;

+ Burglary resistance class to RC3;

+ Also for windows of non-standard forms (arched, trapezoid, triangular).


Security and flexible upgrades

In its basic configuration, activPilot Concept has one burglar-resistant element: an octahedral mushroom pin and a steel hook. Optionally, the standard level of protection can be increased to the maximum class of burglar resistance by adding the necessary elements.

Burglar-resistant steel hook system activPilot Concept.  Burglar-resistant octahedral mushroom pin of the activPilot Concept system.


Convenient service and sleek design

A lever handle with a button facilitates the opening of a passive sash in the sliding windows. Thanks to the modern curved edges of the curtains, the window is easy to keep clean.

Thanks to the modern curved edges of the curtains, the window is easy to keep clean.

The advantages of the system

Easy adjustment of the position of the sash vertically and horizontally;

Easy installation using pre-built modules;

Smooth entry of the octagonal pin in the corresponding part on the frame;

The modular concept allows for individual security settings;

Increased functional safety due to the slamming of the sash from the tilt position (with the gap between the sash and

frame up to 25 mm);

Possibility to equip the system with additional options: blockade of the handle rotation, microventilation, balcony latch, step ventilation, window monitoring sensors, etc.

Flexible modification



A small gap between the frame and the casement window provides a constant flow of fresh air.


Rotation limiter

Eliminates the impact of stools on the frame or wall


Shutter lock

The latch secures the sash in a predetermined position, if you turn the handle down.


Step tilt mechanism

Allows you to choose one of four positions tilt the sash.


Blockade turning knobs

Does not allow turning the handle if the window is open.



Prevents sagging sash.

Optional Items



Allows you to choose one of four positions tilt the sash.


Low threshold

Allows you to choose one of four positions tilt the sash.


Multifunctional elements

Rotation block prevents rotation of the handle when the window is open. The microlift combined with the blockade ensures smooth closing of the window. 3-functional element additionally performs the role of a balcony latch.


Swimming springboard

Patented by Winkhaus, springboard increases the comfort of using large and heavy flaps.


Balcony latch

Allows the outside to temporarily fix the balcony doors


Kids lock

Prevents opening the sash wide open, but does not block the mode of ventilation.

activPilot Select

Hinge window with hidden hinges

Product features

Large windows are a characteristic feature of modern architecture and they require the use of durable fittings. activPilot Select confidently manages a large and heavy sash. And thanks to the hidden mechanism, the window can be made in all available colors and textures. The windows with activPilot Select fittings harmonize with both state-of-the-art buildings and historical objects - monuments of architecture.


Meets the requirements of modern architecture;

Window shutters up to 3 m2 and weighing up to 150 kg

Burglary class to RC2 standards compliant DIN EN 1627-1630;

The ability to perform tricuspid windows without impost.


Innovative technology whose power in stealth

No loops and decorative overlays that violate the look of the window and interfere with washing

Patented technology

High stability and reliability of mechanisms proven in a series of tests and in practice

Elegant power for sash weighing up to 150 kg

Only thanks to two additional components — the sash curtain and adapter busbar — the carrying capacity of 100 kg can be increased to 150 kg.

The advantages of the system

Efficient production without special drilling holes for hinges;

Quick installation through fewer components;

Easy adjustment of the position of the sash vertically and horizontally;

Easy upgrade from 100 kg to 150 kg

Quick and easy mounting of the sash on the frame;

Maximum opening angle of 95 ° (even without a stop)

Thanks to the hidden curtains, the thermal insulation of the window increases, since “cold bridges” are not formed.

activPilot Comfort

New dimension of safe ventilation

The advantages of the system

Window system of new generation with an additional window position. In addition to the traditional opening and tilting, the system has the function of parallel ventilation - in this mode the sash is displaced by 6 mm around the entire perimeter of the frame, which allows you to safely and evenly ventilate the room without drafts and excessive heat loss.


Product properties

The super convenient solution for a healthy microclimate at home;

+ Airing in any weather;

+ Efficient air exchange without heat loss;

+ Easy and safe use;

+ No more drafts and shutting windows;

+ Airing in any weather;

+ Externally, the window looks completely closed;

+ RC2 burglary class as when closed,

and in the mode of parallel airing.


activPilot Comfort PADS

Replacing the tilt mode with the function of parallel airing eliminates the problems inherent in non-standard windows: sash flaps, friction of the flap in the frame, etc.

The variability of the window system with the function of parallel airing

activPilot Comfort PADK

The basic model combines four window positions: closed, tilted, parallel to airing, open

activPilot Comfort PADM

Compatible with smart home systems. Equipped with electric drive, touch panel and remote control, which makes the window control process fully automated. the actuator switches the window sash to parallel airing mode, opens and closes the window.

activPilot Comfort PAD

Replacing the inclination mode with the parallel airing mode allows you to set the handle at the bottom of the sash. and high human handle down for convenient use of hard-to-reach windows.


In the parallel ventilation mode in the mechanical versions of the system, the window handle is raised upwards; from the outside it looks like a closed window.

Anti-burglar steel hooks are uniquely designed in the corners of the frame that provide the RC 2 crack resistance class in the parallel ventilation mode. activPilot Comfort is the only hardware on the market that offers this opportunity.

Automatic airing at programmed intervals, even in the absence of occupants with activPilot Comfort PADM.

In activPilot Comfort PADS, parallel airing mode is provided with non-standard arched scissors and bottom curtain. The advantage of this solution is the use of the same elements for non-standard window shapes.

activPilot Control

Tilt-and-turn window with tracking sensors

The advantages of the system

Winkhaus activPilot Control is a unique window system that allows you to combine the mechanical burglary resistance and electronic sensors for monitoring the state of the window. The sensors indicate the current position of the sash and prevent unauthorized access attempts: during these actions, the system immediately sends an alarm signal to the security console.

Product properties

Magnetic sensor - intrusion detector, corresponds to class B by VdS;
RFID Sensor with High Certified Security Level - VdS Class C;
The magnetic contact functions as a switch for climate control systems;
Synchronization with the heating system reduces energy costs.



Magnetic sensors perform the function of intrusion alarms within class B according to VdS. They can be compatible with the heating system, control the operation of the kitchen hood, monitor the condition of the window.


RFID technology is a breakthrough in the development of monitoring sensors for windows. transponder installed on the sash, the sensor circuit - on the window frame. Communication between them takes place using an individual code, guarantees a high level of protection against unauthorized opening.

The advantages of the system

Modern protection of windows against hacking; VdS Class B or C Certificate (RFID) GIT Security Award; Adapted to the depth of the frame fold from 18 mm; Sensors are hidden, invisible both from the outside and from the middle of the room.

Integrated into the system sensors monitoring the state of the window (opening / closing) Easy integration into the standard activPilot system; Safe transmission signal with a gap of 10 to 15 mm; Integration with alarm systems and heating; RFID technology provides a high level of protection against manipulation, combined with a burglar alarm.

activPilot Ergo

Swing-out window for increased comfort


Product properties

Thanks to the elongated lever of the handle and the integrated mechanism of forced control, the windows are easy to open, close and transfer to the ventilation mode even with one hand. This, in particular, is useful for buildings with high ceilings or for rooms where access to the window is complicated by interior items: kitchen work surfaces, desks in the offices, shower cabins in the bathrooms, flight of stairs and platforms and the like.


An integrated door closer forcibly tilts the flap for ventilation and returns it to a vertical position when the knob is turned; Due to the elongated handle, window control requires less effort; The location of the handle at the bottom of the sash makes it easy to tilt the window, even if access to it is difficult.

activPilot Tilt First

tilt first


Product properties

In a special version of the activPilot Tilt First hardware (tilting before opening), the knob turns first to tilt the sash, and only after turning the knob vertically upwards, the window opens completely. Changing the order of opening a window is reliable protection for children from an accident. Windows with fittings Tilt First recommended for installation in schools, kindergartens, hotels, etc.


Available in a fixed and central version of the handle; Let's combine with all profile systems known in the market; Does not require additional holes for milling in the profile.

activPilot Giant

Tilt & turn window for large and extra heavy casements


Product properties

activPilot Giant window system for large and heavy casements, especially for a balcony door. One type of hinge with a load of up to 200 kg for plastic, wooden and aluminum windows. Despite the considerable weight and large load on the sash, activPilot Giant is notable for its easy installation and aesthetics of performance.


Does not require milling in the window profile; Stable and durable hardware elements, adapted for narrow structures with impost, and in the bracket integrated tilt-damping function; Same type of curtains and universal bracket - for metal-plastic, wooden and aluminum windows

activPilot Topcoat

Especially resistant tilt and turn fittings


Product properties

Special window system with a high anti-corrosion coating. Electroplated coating with high resistance to aggressive chemicals and environmental exposure protects hardware from corrosion. This window system is recommended for use in coastal regions.


Long-term protection under especially extreme environmental conditions; The system was tested for 1500 hours in saline, which significantly exceeds requirements of DIN EN 1670; Complies with DIN EN 1670, class 5.

Protected window

With proven security from Winkhaus

Burglary resistance is one of the important requirements for windows. The longer the elements of the window resist the attempt of hacking, the more protected the apartment or house. Winkhaus specializes in the design and manufacture of security windows. and offers safe solutions for all types and sizes.


Vulnerabilities at home

Basic protection

01 for attic and attic windows

Protection class RC1

02 for windows on the 2nd floor and above, if external access is difficult.

Protection class RC2 / RC3

03 for ground floor windows and basements and any balcony door.


New look for accessories

Winkhaus’s activPilot system combines many innovative, practical solutions that will become the standard in the future. The new system is based on tested accessories autoPilot. On the one hand, it retains the main advantages of the previous generation of accessories: blocking the curtain pin for the bracket, the door closer closing the position slope, perimeter-power connection of elements. But on the other hand, in these The decisions have undergone significant changes. activPilot is a modular system with a clear structure. and significantly reduced compared with previous decisions, the number of elements


Long-term protection under especially extreme environmental conditions; The system was tested for 1500 hours in saline, which significantly exceeds requirements of DIN EN 1670; Complies with DIN EN 1670, class 5.

Security and locking system

Everyone wants to have a high level of security, provided that re-equipment of the window does not bring much trouble. How to easily, quickly and cheaply increase the level of anti-burglary?

Such a question was asked by the designers of the company Winkhaus. As a result, created a system that is based on a single locking element - an octagonal fungus, common to all versions of hardware. Improving the safety standard is to replacing several standard hooks with burglar retardants. No need to change on the sash elements, because each of them, connecting with anti-burglary hooks on frame, meets the requirements of increased protection.

The new system has been tested in the laboratory of the company Winkhaus and independent research institutes. Check for the number of opening cycles, as well as the test for anti-burglary, confirmed the suitability of fittings for use with various systems of profiles, as well as on windows of various sizes


Rational logistics, easy installation

One of the main principles of the development of a new system of accessories was a “return to the roots”, that is, reducing the number of elements required for mounting accessories on a window. What are the benefits for a window manufacturer?


The design of the activPilot system ensures simple and quick installation of accessories on window. It has a modular system, the elements are universal and multifunctional. Now instead of special parts on the frame are used standard hooks connected to special adapter.

Components, which until now were supplied in separate parts, are now manufacturer windows gets already collected. The unified folding parts of accessories. Three identical angular gears can be used on the turn of the fold-up fold (instead of three different types). These changes facilitate and speed up installation of accessories on the frame and sash. In addition, the number of items ordered and stored on composed of a manufacturer of windows. accessories system has a wide scope of application: activPilot can be installed on different types of windows: arched, trapezoidal, shock-proof, and also on very small and large windows.

Less elements, more functions.

In the activPilot system, reducing the number of elements means increasing its functional opportunities.

Many elements of accessories activPilot combine two or more functions. At the same time there is no need for special frame parts - hooks are used that perform the locking function and simultaneously interact with additional elements. Such elements, for example, are blockade of turning the handle with a microlift (a two-function element DUO), as well as a multifunctional element, which additionally acts as a balcony latch. Both elements are easy to install.

This mechanism allows you to get 4 positions tilt the sash instead of one. The fittings can be equipped with activPilot Control contact hooks, which function as window opening sensors for integration into the access control system. A distinctive feature of activPilot is not only multifunctional elements, but also a comfortable and elegant handle-lever for windows with pulley that opens with a special button


Ergonomics and Design

The stamp in the form of three squares placed together is the distinctive sign of the fittings. activPilot, a symbol of innovation and high quality


In the activPilot system, the ergonomics and functionality are combined with the aesthetics of the performance and the decorative elements that appear on the leaf elements. hooks, frame and curtains have rounded edges, according to new trends in industrial design. This makes them look elegant and easy to keep clean. The octagonal closing fungus with an eccentric rod is an exceptional solution in its class. It guarantees the same density and safety of both standard windows and windows with a high level of anti-burglar.

The special design of the handle-lever with a button adds aesthetic and functional the benefits of the windows This is a completely new concept, still unknown in window technique. All of these elements provide a holistic picture of an innovative, high-quality product with exceptional benefits to consumers.

The main features of accessories of a new generation

locking system

The basis of the new locking system is an eight-pointed eccentric fungus. It works equally well with standard hooks and with burglar retardants, and also provides easy adjustment of the clamping of the sash to the frame. This is a unique solution on the market.

modular construction

The number of elements required for installation on the window has become less. Angle gears have become universal. One element performs many functions. Hooks on the frame not only attract the sash to the frame, but also cooperate with additional elements.

additional functions

activPilot allows you to easily raise the quality level of the window. Multifunctional elements are easily mounted. One element is two or more additional functions.


The new system combines functionality and aesthetics. Accents appear on the frame elements and sashes that highlight the innovativeness and high quality of the product. The hook and loop profile facilitates window maintenance.


activPilot Concept

is the main window fitting system Winkhaus and the founder of the whole family

Each of its systems embodies the various wishes of window customers:
- activPilot Select is distinguished by its secretive curtains
- activPilot Control easily integrates with an alarm system;
- activPilot Comfort reproduces natural air circulation;
- activPilot Giant is specially created for super-heavy flaps;
- activPilot Ergo - the ideal solution for older people.
These systems have received worldwide recognition.

European quality

+ produced in Germany

+ European steel

+ certified ift Rosenheim®

+ 10 years warranty on fittings

+ for PVC, aluminum and wood windows

+ max  weight: 130 kg

+ types of windows: rectangular, arched and trapezoid

Security and Protection

+ Octagonal burglar alarm Winkhaus® fungi around the perimeter

+ 1 anti-burglar hook increased security

+ handle Secustik®

+ handle with key

+ child safety lock

+ 1-2 additional anti-burglar hooks

European Security Level (RC1-RC3) + Secustik® 

+ additional anti-burglar hooks

+ pad on the lock

+ square on the hinge side

Comfortable use

+ springboard from sagging

+ balcony latch to cover the balcony doors from the balcony

+ blockade of turning the handle for an open window

+ Stopper rotation limiter to maintain window slopes in strong wind

+ double convenience with DFE: microlift, blocking the rotation of the handle

+ triple convenience with TFE: microlift, blockade of turning the handle, balcony latch

+ tilt lock for maximum stool position

+ tilt stop for small windows

Comfortable airing

+ micro-ventilated: a constant flow of fresh air through a small opening between the frame and the chair

+ step airing MSL-OS: 4 fixed stool inclination positions

+ a turn lock for fixing an open chair on a reverse angle (up to 90 °)

Exquisite design

+ 3 squares as a protector of activPilot systems

+ Winkhaus logo, as the distinguishing mark of Winkhaus products

+ modern industrial design (rounded elements, lever knob with button)

+ overlay on the stars with a wide palette of colors