12 March, 2012
GWF BUD GmbH, Kiew, Dimitrowa Str., 98, 08131, Ukraine erklärt, dass das Erzeugnis Fenster, Fenster und Fenstertür ohne festen Mittelpfosten, Fenstertür, Schiebetür - vorgesehen für den Einsatz im Wohn- und Nichtwohnungsbau
4 April, 2013
Ukraine - Country BOL'SHAIa mnohovekovoy s history.
22 December, 2014
December 17 in Kiev, under the patronage of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine hosted the conference "Best Practices for energy saving in housing and communal services: OSBB role in achieving energy e
23 December, 2014
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015! We wish all the best to you and your family and friends! May this festival bring peace, goodness and peace in our common home! For end another season of work.
4 February, 2015
Leader distinguish innovation and national recognition.
30 January, 2015
By results of 2013 the company was awarded a Certificate of REHAU a leading European company risayklingovoy «Tonsmeier Kunststoffe», specializing in the processing of polymers for the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere at 1264 thousand kg
25 October, 2013
In September 2013, REHAU together with partner "GVF-Bud" joined the charity case in the orphanage "Father's House" in.
6 April, 2013

More than 20 basic profiles and a vast palette of additional profiles allow to satisfy various demands of customers and to realize almost any idea of architects and designers. More than 10 million meters of REHAU GENEO less than 4 years.

5 April, 2013

The use of REHAU Polytec 50 makes it possible to create a variety of translucent structures with virtually unlimited architectural characteristics, can fill the room with light Add-tive, give a custom look of the building, p>