EURO Design 60

Window profile

Standard solution with the 60 mm system depth for both object and private building.


Due to a smooth surface and elegant 15° bevel, windows made of a profile system REHAU Euro-Design 60 will decorate any housing.

Two sealing contours trap the air flow, dust and humidity from outside and make pleasant climate in a room. The REHAU-Euro-Design 60 profile system is produced as the three-chamber profile system and has a 60 mm constructive depth. It offers window solutions, where quality and cost effectiveness are of the highest priority. The REHAU-Euro-Design 60 profile system complies with any requirement of the most up to date heat saving norms.


  • System depth: 60 mm, rabbet ledge sealing.
  • Thermal transfer coefficient value: kr = 1,6 W/mK (R = 0,62 m2K/W)
  • Sound insulation according to class 4 (VDI 2719)
  • Surface: smooth, easy to maintain/handle.
  • Air and water proofness: up to loading group "С"
  • Smooth surface, easily cleaned
  • Skewed sash rabbet provides improved water drain and easy maintenance
  • 35 mm wide armoring chamber allows armoring to be applied with high statistic characteristics
  • Similar frame and sash armoring
  • The profile system is non-hazardous for environ­ment and could be recycled
  • Possibility to mount the burglary protection furniture
  • Maximal glass unit width is 33 mm