History, architecture and modern window technology

4 April, 2013
Ukraine - Country BOL'SHAIa mnohovekovoy s history. As known History of country nahodyt otobrazhenie own way in the literature, folklore, arts, language and, of course also in architecture.
Task sovremennoho society zakljuchaetsja in volume Avto Save your history, so ÎÍÀ How daet Ability to Understand sobstvennoy accessories. In the history always possible to find obъyasnenye co-vremennыh of events and trends, find vdohnovenyya Sources.
A restavratsyya objects historically and cultural heritage stanovytsya by this exam for masters. Each Master, soprykasayuschyysya with monuments of history, poluchaet Ability to speak in svoy umenyya and Save ego for future generations! Start up The Sound Several vozvыshenno, but This Indeed so.
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Almost Neotъemlemoy chastyu beloved of the building javljajutsja window. Art of Okonschyka zakljuchaetsja in volume Avto «Windows Indeed adorned houses." Sdelaem nebolshoy эkskurs in the history of Ukraine and architecture View, menyalsya oblyk As delivered, sex emu pod As menyalys dumplings window.
One IZ samыh velychestven-GOVERNMENTAL buildings seem javljaetsja Kyiv-tion KSU them. TH Shevchenko at UL. 60. Vladymyrskoy Foto.1 Massyvnost and significance of the building podcherkyvayut okna, Height kotorыh sostavljaet not less than 2.5 meters. As of the first half of the 19th century TECHNOLOGY production of sheet glass in Russia Bolshoi razmerov bыla enough.