A new look on furniture

Window furniture

The ActivPilot system joins a number of innova­tive practical solutions that will be a standard in future.

This new system has been created on the basis of a verified AutoPilot furniture. Besides pre­serving the main advantages of the previous ge­neration (bracket hinge pin block, sash locking finish from inclined position, perimeter-force element joint), essential modifications have been made in these solutions.

activPilot – is a modular system with optimal configuration and substantially decreased num­ber of elements as compared to the previous solutions.

The ActivPilot furniture is adjusted both for the manual and automatic assembling/mounting.

Safety and locking system

Anyone wants to have high safety standard pro­vided the necessary window rearrangement is not problematic. Thus it is easy, fast and cheap to increase the burglary protection degree.

Locking system using the octagonal knob – this is an ideal mechanism by its functionality and design

  • wide range of the rebate gap
  • simple sash to frame pressure adjustment both manually and using the 8 mm spanner
  • uniform distribution of force acting on the furniture
  • single locking ele­ment compliant with any hitch
  • simple modifica­tion of the safety standard (with no special ele­ments)

Rational logistics, simple assembling

One of the main principles of a new furniture system was "return to sources", i.e. decrease of the element nomenclature necessary for window mounting.

Unification of the angular transmission allows three similar elements to be used at the sash.

  • The less number of ordered elements for storing and assembling
  • simplified and accelerated process of assembling at the sash and frame
  • single lock­ing element interacting with any hitch for any class of burglar protection
  • single locking ele­ment compliant with any hitch
  • Both manual and automatic assembling are ava­ilable

Less elements, more functions

Decrease of the element nomenclature in the ActivPilot system means more functional possi­bilities.

A knob with button simplifies passive sash ope­ning in the windows with pin, having not dispu­table esthetic advantages.

  • simple adding the non-standard functions
  • ad­vanced offer for window customers
  • flexible reacting to the clients’ needs, individual appro­ach
  • element multiple functionality